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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Updates and more

I have been so super busy. I have turned in Rand's Craving and should be turning in Jason's Salvation by the beginning of the week. I hope to hear really soon about both of those. I also want to give you a heads up on some other stuff. Many of you met the bears in the last book, Convincing Ethan. You see much more of them Shane's Need, and I promise, there will be a couple books about them. They will not be LoveXtremes, just to warn you. Now, the Leopards...you meet those guys in Shane's book and there is even more of them from now on, will probably end up being a serial book.

I am also starting to plot my first book in the Cherish, Montana series, Loving Lanie. This is just a straight menage contemporary, no shifters, but I thought it would be fun to play with three former Marines who decide to "help" their deceased friend's sister, Lanie, run her ranch. I am already loving the characters as I think about them, so I think the book will be a lot of fun.


Alice said...

Never could resist a cowboy. Will be waiting impatiently for the release.

Diane said...

When are the last 3 books coming out. I have read the first 5 in 2 days. Please email me to tell me. texsdogtreats@yahoo.com. I am hooked on this series. I need the last 3.
Thank u