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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming out of the Kiera Closet

 I am Melissa Schroeder.  I figured some of you have already heard, but I figured I would post here too of course. I've been published for seven years, but for the first time really, I wanted to try my hand at shifters. Now, those of you who know me well understand that I like a challenge and I am kind of crazy. So, when I saw that Siren opened up a new line, LoveXtreme, I thought it would be perfect for a pack mentality. I chatted with the wonderful owner of Siren and she agreed to let me write under a pen name, Kiera West. Then, Passion, Alaska and the Dillon shifters were born.

I have had a wonderful time writing them. In fact, I have so many ideas planned for the Passion, Alaska Preserve, I cannot wait to find the time to write them. But now some of you understand that while I was writing as Kiera, I was also keeping up Melissa Schroeder's schedule, which was loaded. As of right now, I have written 9 novels, novellas and short stories this year. Jason's Salvation will be number 10. Before the year is out, I should write 4-5 more books under both my names.

Kiera is going to stay with Siren as an exclusive name. So for those Kiera fans out there, make sure to keep your eyes peeled at Bookstrand for my books. I have a lot planned for the coming months including more shifters and another series set in Montana.

If you haven't checked out my Melissa Schroeder books, please do. I have a load of them out there, including my newest release, The Last Detail!


Brandy W said...

Hooray you're out.

Dawn Gore Meador said...

Congratulations on spilling the beans! Love all of your series, under both names. So excited to see you be able to tell the world all of your accomplishments. I believe chat tonight over at Righteous Perverts just got a little more interesting ;)

Kiera West said...

Thanks so much! It was really hard to keep the secret all this time.

Kiera West said...

LOL Brandy, it is nice to be OUT

Blanche said...

Congrats on coming out!! As I told you on Facebook I didn't know but I'm thrilled for you! I'm a Melissa fan and a Kiera fan!! Love your work no matter what name you are writing under! :)

Alice said...

Doesn't matter to me which name you use, just keep coming out with those wonderful books. Love em!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, I am behind the power curve! I am just now realizing that Kiera West was your pen name Melissa. I must confess though I had never heard of Melissa Schroeder. The first time I heard of Melissa was a couple weeks ago when I started reading the AAD Authors I wasn't familiar with! I read a lot, so I was surprised that of 80 author's I only had about 15 of them on my kindle! I am happy that I am not that in the dark and can add another, but I will have to check out some of your books under your name Melissa.
I agree 110% with Alice though, please keep the books coming under both names. I love your shifter stories!!!