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Monday, October 29, 2012

Jason's Salvation is on Preorder

YAY, it is finally here--almost. Coming this November 5th, the next book in The Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska will be released. It is now on preorder, already on the 14 day bestseller list and there are two excerpts to read at Bookstrand.

Jason has always been the quiet Dillon, and has grown more so after recent events. In one of the attacks, he was knocked unconscious, and now he is having memory lapses. He wakes up in odd places with no memory of how he got there.
Eve knows that something is bothering Jason. The once kind and gentle man has grown more distant. Worse, he refuses to stay with her overnight. She had grown used to his dry sense of humor and even come to appreciate. It is one of the things that helped her fall so completely in love with him.
With danger closing in on them, she pushes things a little too far, and the result could change the pack forever.


“Are you going to spend all night in that tub?” Noah asked.
“I might, if I want to.”
He let one eyebrow rise. “Is that so?”
Oh, he was such a Dom and Alpha. That look said so much and she had to fight not to laugh. She was still irritated with them all, but she could never resist them. Her need for them increased each day. She was afraid she would never be able to leave when her time ended.
She pushed those thoughts aside. She didn’t want to think about that. Not when they were looking at her as if she were the meal they had been craving for days.
“Ethan, it’s time for Eve to get out of the tub,” Noah said as he turned back into the bedroom.
She just stared at his retreating back and then smacked her palm against the water. “Does he think you are just going to—hey!” she shouted as Ethan reached in and pulled her up out of the water. He was still dressed, but apparently he didn’t care. He pulled her body against his as he took her mouth in a hot, wet kiss.
Ethan set her on the bathroom counter as she wrapped her legs around him. It didn’t take much, just a kiss and her body was yearning, screaming to be taken by them. It was something that bothered her when she had time to think about it, but right now, she didn’t give a damn. All she wanted was to be touched, tasted, and taken. The low pulse of lust was beating through her blood.
Ethan pulled back. She frowned and opened her eyes to find Jason taking his place. He was already naked, and Ethan was pulling off his clothes as he walked into the bedroom. She looked at Jason, and his smile had her heart melting. God, he was so sweet, and sexy, and she couldn’t even think when he looked at her like that.
He set his hands on the counter on each side of her and leaned closer for a kiss. He didn’t close his eyes as he nibbled on her bottom lip, teasing her with each nip. She was already burning for him, needing him, and he was just taking his time to drive her insane. Jason was always the one who liked to do that. He loved to play in bed, and she had missed that from him the last few weeks.
He squatted down in front of her, laying his hands on the insides of her thighs. He pushed them apart and then set his mouth on her cunt. She slipped her hands through Jason’s hair as he thrust his tongue into her over and over, teasing her clit, moaning against her. The tiny vibrations feathered over her skin. Tension gathered in her stomach, then dropped to her pussy. With just one more thrust of his tongue she knew she would come.
But he drew back and stood up.
“You sure are tasty, Eve,” he said. The smile on his face and the tone of his voice made her heart do a little dance. It was so wonderful to hear it.
She smiled and slipped her hand down between them. Wrapping it around his cock, she started to stroke him. A groan slipped from his mouth, and she smiled as she leaned away from him.
“You want to mess with me, Jason, I am going to mess right back.”
She kept stroking him. His erection grew and she clenched her pussy. Her legs were far apart, and she couldn’t squeeze them together for comfort. She was so damned close to coming, and being in this position tortured her even more.
Jason’s eyes closed and he released a long breath. “Eve.”
She stroked him a few more times before Noah stopped her.
“Bring her in here, Jason.”
Eve glanced at the doorway and found him watching her. He was smiling, but she could see the heat in his eyes. It still amazed her that none of them had a problem with her being with one of the others, but apparently, it was even more of a turn-on.
Jason gave her a quick kiss, then picked her up off the counter, and carried her in his arms into the bedroom. Ethan was waiting there beside Noah.
“Put her on the bed, Jason.”
He did as ordered.
“No, naughty Eve, on your stomach. “
Heat unfurled within her as she did as ordered. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, so that she lay across the mattress and her head was right on the edge.
“Jason, I think she was pretty naughty teasing you like that, so she needs to fulfill that promise.”
Jason tossed his cousin a smile and then walked to the bed, his hand stroking his cock.
“Open up, babe.”
She licked her lips as she pulled herself up to her elbows. Most women would probably be disgusted that they talked to her like that, but it turned her on. There was something about it that had her pussy dripping with need.
She took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the very tip. His head fell back and he groaned again. The bit of pre-cum whispered over her taste buds, and she moaned against his cock. She knew Jason could feel the vibrations of it against the shaft. But, just as she was getting into it, she felt the first slap against her ass.
The heat of the smack feathered out over her skin, and the second she could feel in her cunt. Her clit was throbbing, her pussy so wet already, she felt as if she would come right then and there.
Then, she felt someone move her hair to the side and the soft kiss on her back. She knew without turning around it was Ethan. She wrapped a hand around the base of Jason’s cock and gave in to the pleasure she could share with him. Noah’s smacks started to burn, but in the way she loved. The pain metamorphosed into pleasure as the heat of it spread throughout her body.