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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lots of Great Wonderful Things

My first couple of days after my first release has BLOWN MY MIND. Seducing Their Mate is already in the top ten on Siren's 14 day Best Seller list and I made the top 25 selling authors on the site! I still can't believe it. I just wanted to leave a little note for you to pop on over to Brandy's Blog for a chance at 5 Strandbucks.
Oh, and make sure that you pop on over the Bookstrand site! They put an EXCERPT for Seducing Their Mate.

So, again, since it is hump day and a celebration, let's have a man:


Brandy W said...

Congratulations Kiera! That's wonderful to hit the top 10 for the book and top 25 on author.

Chele Blades said...

Loved it!! Now just looking forward to each month for the next edition...

A Fan

Kiera West said...

Thanks!!! I am really surprised it has done so well. I enjoyed writing them, but I wasn't sure if everyone would enjoy reading them, lol

Kiera West said...

Thanks! I am so glad you liked the first book:)